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Kyoto: A map of places to visit

I thought to share a map of Kyoto points of interest I created some time ago. It mostly contains locations of temples, but it also includes other places I found interesting to visit.

The map is dinamically linked from my google account, so whenever I'll add more places, they will automatically appear on this post as well. I realise that, for an easier reading of the map, I should change the pin appearance depending on the type of location pinned on the map, but this is something I'll try to do later, if I find some spare time.

Growing a Durian tree

Back from my second round in Hong Kong and I brought back some nice Durian seeds to try to plant. After about two months in the soil, a little plant has come out and in three weeks since then it has grown up to 14 cm already!
Here some more pics of my little growing Durian tree.




First steps to Hong Kong: Booking

I finally - after more than six months of planning and now almost too late - booked the flight and the hotel for my long awaited stay in Hong Kong. Departure and arrival dates are planned for the 2011.06.06 and 2011.06.23, respectively.
Booking them by myself thru Alitalia (flight) and Agoda (hotel) websites made me save more than 1k of good euros over the agency flight+hotel package price.