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Raspberry Pi has arrived

It's been almost one month since I received my Raspberry Pi. I actually received two of them, both on day 18th of July, one from Farnell/Element14 via Royal Mail and the other one from RS Components via DHL, which I got for my friend Giuseppe. So far so good, the little RasPi is behaving very well, and I'm testing its stability keeping it up and running, checking cpu and memory usage.
I installed the system on a Sony 8GB SDHC Class 4 card, which I got along with my Sony HX9V camera, bought in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. I'm surprised by the speed of this sd card, achieving 17.4MB/s in read speed and 11.8MB/s in write speed, checked on the RasPi itself with a dd test.
As PSU I'm using my HTC Legend phone charger, rated 5V/1A, which is flawlessly powering it up, by now, for one good week already.
I plan to write some posts as I go developing stuff with it, hopefully and time permitting, so if you are interested, stay tuned : )