Master’s Degree project added

Added the following pages:

  • UniPA BCI Framework project page:
    an Advanced Brain-Computer Interface framework which includes many novel features.

Edited parent and other reference pages accordingly.

Brief introduction to the Master's Degree Thesis:

  • The UniPA BCI Framework is an augmented framework based on the P300 paradigm and allows a user to select individual actions to be performed by a robot or, in the more classic configuration, to spell a sequence of symbols.
  • The framework takes advantage of additional developed modules, which perform the acquisition of eye gaze coordinates and biometric signals.
  • The use of such modules allows to achieve a combined response which does not only take in account the response of a traditional BCI system based on the P300 paradigm, but it also considers useful information, such as the user visual focus and her level of engagement with the system, providing a more robust and effective global response.

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