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Master’s Degree project added

Added the following pages:

  • UniPA BCI Framework project page:
    an Advanced Brain-Computer Interface framework which includes many novel features.

Edited parent and other reference pages accordingly.

Brief introduction to the Master's Degree Thesis:

  • The UniPA BCI Framework is an augmented framework based on the P300 paradigm and allows a user to select individual actions to be performed by a robot or, in the more classic configuration, to spell a sequence of symbols.
  • The framework takes advantage of additional developed modules, which perform the acquisition of eye gaze coordinates and biometric signals.
  • The use of such modules allows to achieve a combined response which does not only take in account the response of a traditional BCI system based on the P300 paradigm, but it also considers useful information, such as the user visual focus and her level of engagement with the system, providing a more robust and effective global response.

Comments issue and New theme

I have just discovered that there have been some issues in leaving comments which were, apparently, related to the fact that I was still using an outdated theme on the latest WordPress release. I'm not sure how long this problem has been around, my apologies for the trouble.

I'm temporarily using this new theme, and although I don't particularly like it, it's still better than a theme that doesn't let people leave comments at all.
It's still a bit messy, but it'll do for now.

More configuration guides for the Raspberry Pi are on my to-do list since quite some time by now. I'll put them up once I'll be more free.